Friday, June 24, 2005

Orange Sunshine

Thank you everyone! For giving me encouragement and support to Lelah. :) Most appreciated. And Agnes, you asked where I am in the photos? Well just look for Ms Specky. :) Just a short update on Lelah. I've frogged the boob tube and left the laces alone for now. I've decided to go slow and easy. I cut it down to 132 stitches and then did an increase 4 rows up to add another inch. It's a play by ear situation. I think I'll string a life line through midway and pull out my circs (too short to go around me) and try it on first.

As for the rest, hardly worth talking about, I manage to justified to myself another project start up once I finished Lelah. I need something to knit in the car. It just helps soothe my temper and something to do while in the jam. I think the girls who have been in my car can testify to the hurl of words and rhythm of my drive rant..:D So....something that doesn't require concentration like lace means stockinette stitches. Hence, my swatch.

for this

Now I have said before that I wasn't impressed with Jaeger Trinity but I must say, it feels and looks nicer as a swatch than a ball. Good sign. Phildar babydoll, here I come!

And since this post is already so full of orange goodness, I'll throw in a picture of Kiri as well.

It has grown a little since. I've switched to circs cause it's getting too big for straights. So big I can't spread it out, so I'm only showing half the shawl here. The pen is there as a gauge. I better get back to it soon before I forget how the pattern goes.


Big Apple Knitting said...

I'm really excited to see how the Phildar babydoll comes out in the Trinity. I love that pattern and have some of that yarn in my stash.

Kiri is looking great too!

opportunityknits said...

I just came back from a few days in KL and I must say it was interesting to watch my cousins drive. They would start out with plan A, then as a jam comes up, they move on to plan B, and so on.

yuvee said...

That babydoll is so cute!! Can't wait to see how it's knitted up. Kiri is looking really yummy too, love your colour choice.

Peggy said...

Oooooh! I bought some Trinity too and I'm glad you are satisfied with the results. I'm sure the yarn will make a gorgeous baby doll!!