Friday, June 03, 2005


So finally, I have some progress to report.

Lady Marmalade

We all know Lady Marmalade ain't easy to live with. We've our spats. After frogging 12 rows the last time, I was so demoralized, I tried to chuck it aside for a while. But I find myself picking it up time and time again. I still had problems until I took out the stitchmarkers. Weird huh? I figured a easier way to keep track of my pattern count. This is what happens when you up yourself suddenly from stockingnet stitch to lace with KSH, use lots of markers and disregard what is staring straight at your face all this while. I'm pretty sure everyone but me knows. I'm feeling pretty stupid here.

It's a 12 stitch repeat. To simplify, the last 3 stitch of the 12 stitch repeat is a YO, K, YO. That K stitch there needs to be aligned at the center of the fern motif. If it doesn't align, I made a mistake at that particular repeat. The other thing is, if I still have the wrong count after finishing the row, I mark the begining of the stitch repeat and start counting 12 for each repeat. If the offending repeat has more or less stitches than 12, quite obviously that particular repeat has problems. Makes it a lot easier and faster to find my mistakes. Now, if I had paid more attention to that and not gotten so dependent on the stitch markers, I might have it figured out earlier and save myself much grief.

Good news is, I'm at my 8th repeat, 3rd row and my first ball of KSH is finishing. I'd say that it'll finish in the next 2 rows and it's time to open up another ball. I may have to change back to circs too.

Green Tea Cables

As you can see, almost finishing the 2nd repeat. But everything is pretty much on hold while I obssess with Marmalade Kiri. Green Tea Cables is a slow going project.

Vanilla Seed
I'm not going to show Vanilla Seed, cause it the same old picture only slightly longer. It's about mid way. Another couple of inches more and I can start on the armholes and neckline.

Need some votes here though! I'm going to try a wide v-shape turtleneck, cowl style. I'm wondering here, would the neckline look better as a plain stockinette stitch or ribbed or should I stick to Seed stitch all the way? Vote vote vote. Stockinette, Ribbed, Seed???

Branching Out.

I broke my promise to myself on not starting anything until I finish my 3 WIPS for this. Frogged abit after the first pattern repeat cause I wasn't paying attention. I have to say, love this mystery yarn. No one can tell me what it is still. It's wool blended with a few very smooth strands of I dunno what, silk? poly or nylon that ranges from yellow to red, giving this yarn a unique dual tone with a sheen. You can't see it in the pic, it's blue(quite obviously) but the color sheen..:) I'll try to take a better photo of it next round.

That's all folks..:) Have a good weekend!


Mimi said...

Marmalade is looking nice! It's fun to be able to work in many WIP's. ( I can't :( )
How about a ribbed neckline for Vanilla.
Yes, I can see the red sheen in the sts by the needle and also in the skein. However, can't notice in the work.

Lynette said...

Hi Laura, thanks for visiting my blog the other day...ok, it was a while ago but I'm just catching up now ;-)

Marmalade Kiri is coming along so nicely! I've seen this on other blogs but yours is a striking and unique color.

I know what you mean about too many WIPs, but my reasoning is if you complete at least one per month you're doing great. Knit on!

Purse_Ho said...

this color you chose for your branching out scarf is incredible.

Agnes said...

Tell you what, I'm seriously tempted to knit a mohair shawl ... kiri, maybe?