Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Meetups Meetups

What a week! One word, hectic! Those who read the Malaysian Knitters will probably know or have seen some pics...:) We had 2 different groups last week.

First, we got a visiting knitter, Jenny from Sweden. You will have to excuse the quality of the pic. It's the best I have. The restaurant was so dim and we had asked someone with shaky hands to take the photo for us. But anyway, on with the story....because of our time schedules it was hard to find a good time for everyone. Some of us did manage to meet up after work in the end. I could only join them after dinner and couldn't make it in time for the 2nd one the next day. By the time I could, they were all going home. Bummer. I would have loved for Jenny to join us for the one below but she was already going off somewhere else. Oh well. I do hope that Jenny and her baby had fun and enjoyed Malaysia...:)

Then, on the Saturday, 18th June, we had another meet. We had Pauline and her kiddos from US and Cara over from Singapore and they both brought goodies back for us. A big Thank You to both of them! The meet was really great! Boy did we have fun! There was an crafts & vintage flea market held there every Sat/Sun. We had fun trooping about the stalls, knitting in Starbucks and chatting. Of course there was also there ever important ritual of fondling new yarns. ;-p Time flies by so fast while you are having fun. Before we knew it, it was evening and time to go. On hindsight, I should have taken more photos, my excuse? :p I was having too much fun and too many things were happening at the same time. I forgot. I'll try harder next time. :D I haven't forgotten to knit but I'll post that another time.

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