Thursday, June 23, 2005

That girl Lelah!

Did the weather forecast predicted a FO? Well the weather forecast was wrong. Lelah got frogged. Lelah was breeze to knit and the lace part is beautiful but! I verestimated the measurements for the top. Let's start from the beginning shall we?

After frogging Vanilla, I started Lelah. I needed a quick fix. So I got really into it. I knitted Lelah with abandonment. In fact I was half way throught the laces during teh 18th Meet up. Lady Marmalade and the rest was all forgotten. On Monday, I was almost there, I incorporated shortrowing and was pleased with the results and then I realized..Gasp! I am running out of yarn fast! On Tuesday, I consulted my 'gang'. Tuesday night was another furious knitting frenzy. And then, with a sigh of relief, yaey! See the pic?

That little bit of tail on top was all that remained. I barely made it. Now that's what I call fully utilizing the yarn.

Let's try this groovy outfit! I can't wait a sec! wow! I lost quite a bit of weight! oh hang on! Bummer, this is ridiculous! Ok, nope, I didn't lose weight. It was the boob tube, it was way too big. The darn thing just slides down my hips. It looks more like a hip warmer! Gawd dang!

I checked the gauge. Yep 5 sts per inch but I didn't count on the cotton to expand that much. Measuring it with a tape measure, it tell me I'm off by 3 inches. Grabbing a fist full of material while wearing it tells me I'm off by 6 inches. So, go figure. Wibbit wibbit ribbit rippit. Until the next epsiode. On a positive note, I guess I don't have to worry bout not having enough yarn second time round. I'm gonna try take off 5 inches and see if it works.

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Mimi said...

How sad! Your second try will be much easier and at least you know you have enough yarn. Also it'll be faster for you to knit as you are more familiar with the pattern. Go for it!