Friday, July 01, 2005

Orangina KAL & Lelah

Lelah is technically finished so I can start something else! On to my next project! ! Yes I joined a mini KAL started here. It started on the 1st of July. We've been seeing some yummy ones on the net. Some of the girls started at the stroke of midnight LOL. I'm already late. I think we spur each other into Orangina frenzy! LOL I'm gonna swatch tonight. Others who still wanna join the fun are still welcome to! Just click to the forum!

Lelah's finished. And this is the best of all the lousy photos I took. So until I can get better shots. I'm stuck with this. Overall, I'm quite happy with my Lelah. It's one of my very rare ladylike tops..:) It's not completely done up yet, but here's what I learned.

1.) Cotton stretches like mad! I went by the gauge and it didn't work for me. So I did it the other way. I grabbed the excess material, measured that, ripped and knitted again minus the extra 6 inches. The gauge method also told me that I'm only suppose to cut back 3 inches which I was glad I didn't follow. I got what I was aiming, that the tube does fall off when I take my hands off it. I still think it could have been tighter a bit, but at least I can breathe. LOL!

The other modifications that I did :-

1.) I did 8 or 9 repeats I can't remember exactly now. The large size called for 7.

2.) Short rowing the bust area for a better fit. Very glad that turned out well. My thanks and credits to Knitty's how to article. Very useful.

3.) I did a few rows of purl on top as border so it wouldn't curl outwards since I didn't have enough yarn left to follow instructions.

4.) I did straps. I didn't want to become an accidental flasher. I also positioned them where the bra straps would be to make hiding it more subtle.

5.) Because of all the reasons listed at the top, I decided on black elastic cords instead of elastic tape. Weaved them in on the wrong side. I think it worked well.

It's not completed yet though. I blocked but I think I didn't do a good enough job. So I'd probably block again. The elastic still doesn't have the right tension. And I need to tuck in the free flying strands properly.


Mimi said...

Lelah looks perfect on you! Maybe you can finish soon and wear this weekend!

yuvee said...

Your Lelah looks so great!! Looks like it fits perfectly ;)
Anyway, I agree with you that cotton can stretch and stretch in a really scary way.

opportunityknits said...

congrats on your lelah, looks great in black

Vanessa said...

hey I love your lelah. I never try black yarn before. But this pattern definitely turns out great with your color choice. I'm itching to start mine too.

Peggy said...

Love your lelah!

letti said...

it looks sexy and good on you!