Tuesday, September 20, 2005

SP5 Package

Secret Pal 5
My secret pal for SP5 was finally revealed. It was Rhiannon from US! I received her package on Wednesday last week but only finally have time to post it today. Look at these lovelies!

The alpaca is just so soft and fluffy I can't stop touching it! And the hemp yarn was something I always wanted to try! Thank you Rhiannon for being such a great pal!

UO Shrug
As for my UO shrug, it is finally off the needles last night. The shrug was not as I expected the ribbing being too soft. I didn't have the energy to seam it properly after. So the pictures of the completed FO will have to wait till I complete it tonight. And then it will be on to other things.


Agnes said...

Some day I'm going to try alpaca ... everybody keeps saying that it is soft!

happyspider said...

oooh that yarn looks so yummy.... lucky thing