Thursday, July 14, 2005


Kiri was done last week. But I had no time to block it so it had to wait. Kiri was an anti climax in a sense. Reason? Well, I knitted this piece especially for my granny. My aunt was here from Aussie and I was rushing to finish it off so she can bring it back for my granny. The minute I casted off, my mom and aunt tells me it is probably too bright for my granny but it is beautiful and I should to make another duplicate in a darker color for Granny.

My aunts don't dare to wear this color cause they feel it is too bright for their age. I still feel that this burnt autumn orange would go very well with their dark clothings and wouldn't look that bright with dark colors. Anyway, I still love Marmalade and though it's a bonus I get to keep it now, somehow, my enthusiasm kinda wilted upon the news. I don't know how else to explain it.

I took my time to block it. By the way girls, those who want to or are doing Kiri or Birch take note, the cast off has to be really loose. My intepretation of loose was apparently still not loose enough. As a result, the edging couldn't stretch as much and wasn't pointy enough for my liking. I have reblocked it twice and it is still not pointy enough. There is simply not enough give at the edge. Taking it apart and redoing the edge definitely isn't an option with KSH.

I used up almost 2 balls of KSH. I was left with a mere few metres of KSH from the 2nd ball. The measurements are : width - 62 inches x length 30 inches. 13 repeats.

It's amazing how it looks before and after blocking. So! It's very very lovely and I'm happy with my first attemp of a lace shawl but I think I'll take a break from KSH lace for now. :) My other wait lists are calling.

By the way girls, I have 2 new balls of KSH in Marmalade I didn't use for Kiri. A swap anyone? Since I'm keeping Marmalade Kiri, I'd love to have KSH in the colors of either Jelly, Heavenly or Dewberry for something else. Email me if anyone is interested.


Agnes said...

Wow! Kiri is gorgeous! I perfectly understand your feeling ... I felt exactly like that when my husband said the sweater I made for him was too feminine. But you get to keep this beauty ... it can sort of compensate for that.

yuvee said...

Your Kiri is so pretty, I love the colour! It's such a pity, but at least you can enjoy this beauty yourself ;)

Doreen said...

Hey Laura,

Your KIRI turns out great. The colour looks really nice with black. I think suits you more.

letti said...

wow..interesting design.

Peggy said...

It's beautiful!!! The color looks great with your outfit.

Alison said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The Kiri is beautiful. Sorry that your mom and aunt think it was too bright for your granny. I think it's a gorgeous color.

Flying Pizza said...

I have 2 balls of KSH in color Lord, a dark navy blue that would be good for your granny. I would love to swap for the burnt orange! Let me know!

Beautiful job, by the way. Even if it is anti-climactic;)