Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Isn't it strange that celebrations this time of the year are of a certain vibrant colors?

Christmas - red and green
Chinese New Year - red and gold
Valentines - red

Remember the dahlias I planted last October? They have bloomed in time for the all the celebrations.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. May this year bring us all luck and happiness!


Agnes said...

Kung Hey Fat Choy! ;)

shanwen said...

hello ! Happy new year to you

Just discovered your blog, it is so interesting.. dropping by to say hello :)

Jejune said...

Happy New Year! Hope this one is a great one for you - and what beautiful flowers!!

R a i n said...

Perhaps a bit late to wish you for CNY but it's not too late to say that I hope you have a fantastic year too =)