Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day and Caps/Hats

Time of late has been a frenzy of activities looking for a job, attending interviews and adjusting to waking up early in the morning again for work. Today marks Australia day as well as the 1st week of work. I thought I’d compile all the hat/cap knitting I've been up from last year to date to commemorate.

Le Slouch

Pattern :- Le Slouch, KnitandTonic
Yarn :- Lincraft, Big Wool
Needle :- 5.5mm Circular Needles
Loved it. Exactly how it said it’d be. It’ll be great for the next winter. Knitted from Lincraft – Big Wool, a thick thin chunky wool that was exactly what I was looking for with Le Slouch in mind.

That Cloche Thing

Pattern :- Cloche from Craftster
Yarn :- Jaeger Luxury Tweed and another nameless similar one from my stash.
Needle :- 6.5mm Circular Needles

I started on this lovely cloche in Craftster early 07. I was eyeing in for quite a long while. Ransacked my stash and come up with a bit of Jaeger Luxury Tweed in Cream and another similar mossy green yarn.

A satellite TV knit that took me 3 weeks after completion to find the time and energy to felt it. Felting wasn’t as difficult as my first experiment. I got worried when I first soaked it. It went from a shapeless bowl shape to a big flat pancake. I was apprehensive that it won’t shrink back, thankfully after 15 mins, it shrunk well. In fact, it shrunk too well. I would have liked it to be longer. Added a ribbon and flower for that lovely vintage look.

Rowan Rope Yarn Beret

Pattern :- Beret, Rowan It’s a Rope Thing
Yarn :- Rowan Cotton Tape in Taupe
Needle :- 6.5mm Circular Needles

Following the instructions, it turned out too small. I don’t think my head is big, I always had trouble finding caps that fit me because they are too big so it shouldn’t be me. I ripped it and added an extra panel to make it bigger. Other than that, it’s a nice easy knit. Love the effect!

Now if you will excuse me, it's time to celebrate Australia Day. Cheers!


Jejune said...

HAppy Aussie Day :)

Great job on all those hats! I love the Le Slouch one, especially. I have a small head too, standard hats are always too big on me.

letti said...

ooo i love them beret style hats.. too cute!

Sally said...

Love the hats! cute. BTW welcome back to the rat race..:)

Mimi said...

Nice collection of hats. The last beret looks very cute on you!
All the best on your new job!

Petite Lass said...

I especially like the Rowan Rope Yarn Beret! Lovely :D