Friday, March 09, 2007

In rememberance of Mimi

I was going to post on my FOs, I had written a draft and finally taken some decent photos, but I can't seem to motivate myself right now. My bf's cat, Mimi, got run over by a car and it is still bugging me, so instead, this post would be about Mimi.

Mimi was found as a kitten hiding under bf's brother's car. He was so scrawny and injured. They took him to the vet, fed, cared for and generally made a fuss over him. Yes, Mimi was a he. We didn't know much about cats then, we assumed he was a female due to some miscommunication with the vet and named him Mimi.

When Mimi got to age, it was decided to spay 'her' and the vet told them then that Mimi is a he! We all had a good laugh. By that time, Mimi only answered to that and nothing else though we tried to change it. Mimi was a great cat, he loved to play, was never fussy and very patient though he is shy with strangers. He hates to have his photograph taken. It's always so hard to make him stay still for a shot. Now I'm glad we did.

On that fateful night, we all thought Mimi was hiding in some corner having a nap as usual after dinner. We didn't expect to find him next to the rubbish bin outside the house. Mimi got hit by a car, it was horrible looking at the broken body. Someone placed the body by the pavement next to the rubbish bin outside the house. If not for that, we would not have known what happened

Farewell Mimi, you will be very much missed and will always be in our thoughts.