Friday, December 21, 2007

This.. 24...Freaking... Hrs

It’s one of those days when everything hits a record low. One of those “Why the hell did I get out of bed for?” days. Nothing’s gone right, everything came altogether in a bad way and my mood is shot out from the second I lay in bed awake. I’ve heard bad news all the way. I’m tired, grumpy and totally unsatisfied and out of whack. Not to mention that I’ve been having a migraine on and off for the whole week. Even the weather in Melb went out of it’s way to be nasty. A freak storm and for the first time in 20 years, the suburb was actually flooded.

Adding to that, the stupid bag now has to be frogged entirely. It looks really odd doesn’t it? The whole proportion is wrong and I followed the pattern to the T, ignoring that little voice that was telling me all the time something was wrong. Now my throat is swollen with hayfever and I’m just fuming with every stitch I unravel.

I just need to vent. Someone give me a baseball bat and show me a target.


Agnes said...

Believe me ... I know how it feels! Let's keep our hope up ... that it's just a phrase, a short one!
Wish you feel better and have a merry Christmas.

Jejune said...

Oh that sounds like a really shitty day - flooding, bad news, migraine, AND a project that has to be unravelled?!

Hmmm, targets for baseball bats? How about one of those huge singing plastic Santa dolls on display in one of many shops?

MeowGirl said...

sorry to hear about your yucky day. :( get a pinata, fill it w/ candy and yarn, then give it a good whack, ok?

hope things get better soon.

letti said...

sorry it's been such a bad time. Things just seem to pile up, don't they? It's pretty much the same here with us, but hey, it's christmas :)

merry christmas, girl . *HUGS*