Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Making an anthill out of a molehill

So there I was happily whining about having no yarns to knit with (because we can’t unpack the boxes yet) and how I need to get some suitable ones for this pattern and that. Hubby pointed out that I have plenty of yarns which indignantly, I denied of course, at which point he gave me a look that said it all.

Huffing, fuming and thwarted from buying the exact yarns I desperately need for this and that pattern, I looked for some loop holes. The yarns are still in the carton boxes buried deep into our unpacked boxes and I can’t get it out, there is currently no place to store them until we rent a place permanently. I have to keep digging the box out and sealing it back on. Tedious, tedious. We head on to Bunnings where I sulkily picked a plastic storage box to store my yarns for ‘easy access’.

Well, once a yarn hoarder, almost always a yarn hoarder. We got me a 50 litre box and I almost couldn’t jam everything in. Alright already, stop giving that look. So there are some yarns still lying in other boxes and I do have yarns. Yea, yea I had to sit on the cover to make it close. Guilty as charged.

What? Ok, ok I haven't unpacked the box of craft books & mags and the 3rd carton box of fabrics.

Yes hubby, I said meekly, there won’t be any yarn purchases until I finish my stash.

Until next time that is. :)


opportunityknits said...

I tried to comment earlier but there was an error. Trying again. Wanted to say that you have a nice stash :)

Ruth said...

at least you have your stash all "contained". hubby is slightly upset that he let me have a crafting space/room, but all my stuff is ALL OVER THE HOUSE. i can't help it if i want to knit all over the house. but i did promise to clean it up sometime soon. =)

AmandaK said...

What a great yarn. :P

yuvee said...

my stash is taking over a whole single-sized bed...good thing I have nobody to complain.
Maybe look out for a place with extra room for your yarn ;D

Jejune said...

Stash enhancement is a Good Thing, and I think your stash looks pretty modest! You might want to read the No Guilt Stash Manifesto ;)

Mimi said...

I used to have my stash stored in boxes just like yours.So,I know it's not easy to search for yarns. Now that I have a cabinet, things are just a bit easier but I filled with more yarn. It's better to have less space.