Saturday, November 17, 2007

Souffles & a Mini Herb Garden

Moving to Melbourne has been wonderful. So many new things and places to explore. There were a lot of things that we had always wanted try but in KL, most of the time you feel too hot and bothered to do. I thought I might share about some of our experiences and doings while waiting for my next FO(coming soon).


Hubby and I have ventured into the realm of desserts and occasionally, main dishes. We had some vintage ramekins in hand and souffles was one of the first desserts we tried.

We forgot to use a knife to slice around the ramekins so that it rises properly instead of rising in the middle like a cupcake. So far, we've tried lemon, choc chip and orange, choc chip and banana, choc chip and strawberries. Souffles anyone?

In the garden

Spring in Melbourne is unlike spring in Perth (where I lived before). I guess we came at the right time. The landscape is like a wonderland, constantly changing everyday as spring creeps in. In Malaysia where they are small and wilt quite quickly. Here, there are flowers everywhere and they are so huge! I should take a picture of the orchids here, it really grows well here. And everyone has roses in their gardens. The colors are amazing big and lovely roses of all kinds! I took a picture of the rose bed in the family garden. Gorgeous colors aren't they? I have to get my hands on some purple roses when we find a place of our own. I just can't get enough of them. And all this has inspired a mini garden of sorts for us.

That's our little mini herb garden we started. I have always dreamt of having my very own herb garden to play around with. Oh the possibilities!!!

Of course, I couldn't resist these either when I saw them in the local plants section. Dahlias! I got a little pot of mixed dahlias and a black dahlia bulb to plant. I hope they turn out well with the heat.

A Finished Knit

And just to peak your interest a little, gals, yes I finally do have a FO to show. Can you figure out which one is this? It's washed and being blocked now and should be ready for show in the next few days. :)


Sally said...

An FO! do tell! very impressed with the herbs especially :)

Agnes said...

It seems you are 100% enjoying your new life! That's great! The souffles look really yummy!
No idea about the FO ... but it's a lace project, right?

Jejune said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure where that lace shawl (?) is from - but I LOVE the colour - great job!

Those souffl├ęs look divine - I love those little pots, too! And what lovely herbs, I can nearly smell them from here :)

yuvee said...

Oh, glad to hear you're enjoying your new life and having so much fun! Those souffles look divine, I need to keep a watch out for ramekins next time I go to charity shops ;)

ruth said...

oooh, a garden with beautiful flowers!! and herbs!! and you're cooking! I've never tried souffles, yours look very successful =)

R a i n said...

Wow that looks like such FUN!

Kudos on the gorgeous looking souffles!