Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sewed Out

Knitting has taken a back seat while I revamp my wardrobe. Partly also because I’m bored with Butterfly and Lana Grossa Jacket had to be ripped back, I think I’ll call it Frilly Jacket from now on. The instructions are a little messy and the charts way off. It’s the actually the first time I attempt a piece with sleeves and that much seaming. Can’t say I’ll enjoy the seaming bit later. Anyways, I was doing the 2 sleeves at the same time. It came out way too big with the instructions given. I had to rip both sleeves. I threw the instructions out of the window after. I’m attempting to map it out myself. If anyone have references to how to map the sleeves, now would be a good time to share..:D please please please!

As said, I have been busying modifying my wardrobe. I think I’m obsessed with it. It’s just so fun to find something that you bought a while back but think would look better if some modifications are made that, with a sewing machine and a bit of basics, you could! And suddenly, I find myself digging out stuff that I bought but put aside because it didn’t fit well or I didn’t quite liked how it looked. I was kinda shocked, the pile is quite… err… high? Ack ack! But I’m having fun. Amazingly, I bought quite a few good stuff 5 years ago that I can still wear but required modification because it didn’t fit well and sewing by hand is just too tedious. Woo hoo!

T-shirt and jeans makeover

The T-shirt was initially a turtleneck, I loved the material, it was very comfy but I hated the turtleneck bit which was bit uncomfortable since I have a long neck. I prefer scoop necklines, it suits me more. What I basically did was to wear it, determine the width and depth of the scoop neck I wanted, marked it and then fold the T-Shirt into half and cut. Then I bought a bit of bias tape and sewed that on. Note though that with T-shirt material, it is advisable to bast it on first before the actual sewing or it will stretch and distort. I’m loving how it turned out.

Oh, did I say the T-shirts came in a set of 3? :D


As for this pair of jeans, I loved the way it fitted me, but I didn’t check the seams properly when I bought it. The seams where the pants leg joined weren’t sewed on at all. The sewer must have been daydreaming or something. By the time I found out, which was after the first wash, it was too late. The threads had unraveled and I’ve thrown the receipt away. So anyhow, I’ve seen a tutorial on how to turn it into a skirt 3 years ago, always wanted to do it, but lacked the materials and equipment. No second guesses what happened! Yep, skirt it became. Though, this pair of jeans was boot cut. The shaping made it difficult to shape into an A line skirt.

Sorry bout the photos, that was all I could manage with shaky hands. Not too bad. But I’m still thinking maybe of unpicking the stitches again and try to tack it again. I just might.


Now girls! Opinion please! I just got this really gorgeous fabric out of inspiration. But I’m beginning to doubt my madness LOL. I wanted to do this Foldover skirt from Simple Chic. Mom was saying that because of the stiffness of this material, it would make the stomach look like it is bulging out. Should I consider this pleated pattern instead? The pictures are not clear. The main difference is that in the first picture, the fold starts right at the waist band. In the latter picture, the fold starts about 6 inches lower and away from the waistband. Or should I consider a simple A line skirt instead?

1.) Option A – First Pic
2.) Option B – Latter Pic
3.) Option C – Simple A Line Skirt



joy said...

Quite daring of you to cut into your clothes! :)

As for the fabric, if it's stiff and floral, it would be best as a simple a-line skirt.

yahaira said...

Im voting simple a-line or how about something in panels? I have a french connection pattern somewhere with a skirt like that.

great job on your clothing mods!

Agnes said...

Impressive modifications you've done on the t-shirts and jeans!
I agree with Joy on the fabrics (gorgeous, BTW) and skirt style.

Ruth said...

wow that material is pretty!! i don't know much about how the material will be best as what... but a-line is always safe with a more stiff fabric. yea, i agree, you are brave to start altering your clothes! there's a show here in the US called "Project Runway" - it's a reality show on clothes designers (each challenge they have to construct a design and then their clothes are modeled by models and judged on the runway). does it show over there? i'm completely addicted to it, you would enjoy it too! =)

Vivian said...

The makeover t-shirts are really nice, great job! As for the skirt that you going to make, I vote for A-line skirt.

Mimi said...

Great makeovers! You've got yourself 4 new clothes. ;)
I also think that a simple A line skirt will be better since the fabric is stiff. (option C)

erin said...

I'm glad you've been having fun, modifying your clothes. The T-shirts and skirt turned out great. Sewing on T-shirts can't be easy, but you did super job. And oh my, that gold fabric is so so gorgeous. I vote for the Aline skirt, that's all it needs because did I already say it is so gorgeous?

Siow Chin said...

You're so clever! I opt for the A-line too.

Mrs.Curvy said...

The T-Shirts look great! I vote the simple A-line. Beautiful fabric!

Kitty Kitty said...

Have you checked out the knitty articles about sleeves.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It got me through sleeve hell.

Very cute tee shirts.

wing said...

i like the idea of changing ur jeans to skirt.

Kimberli said...

fab T-shirt & Jeans make over!

As for the skirt -- I'd opt for the simplest version possible. Thick fabric will accentuate pleats...UNLESS you stitch them down (perhaps you could stitch the pleat down that starts at the top so that it releases LATER down the skirt?) Hmmm...I also wonder how forgiving this fabric is with stitches? Hard to say without a closer view - but I'd watch for holes in the fabric caused when you pull out unwanted might not be forgiving...unless it's a looser woven satin...but then you have to watch that it doesn't get snagged by pins...
OK OK -- I'm going back to the SIMPLE A-LINE! (Never ask a fashion designer this question...)

deety said...

That is all so clever! You're making me wish I could sew...

I like the style a-line skirts the best, but I know nothing about fabric or sewing patterns. I just think they're pretty.

happyspider said...

a-line skirt for sure.
that reminds me... i have worn all my skirts to pieces!!! hello Mr Stitchy...

yuvee said...

You're so clever!! You really have to teach me sewing sometime, I'm an idiot at it.
I LOVE the fabric, should be perfect for CNY ;)