Thursday, December 22, 2005


I was getting ready to do a long update, then I realized that more than half the pix I took was so blur they are not usable. Sigh... So some updates then until I can retake the other photos. I've completed sewing a blouse from Simply Chic. I'll have to retake the photos before I can post. I've also started a jacket from Lana Grossa free pattern archive. I'm already eyeing some other projects.

Life is still busy. Lots of things in planning and set in motion. As for blogging,
I'm begining to wonder bout keeping a blog or bloglines for that matter. I get a bit batty nowadays cause everytime I log into Bloglines I have 400 over posts (and counting) to contend with. I no longer enjoy it. :( I feel like I'm plowing through them Darn it, no fun. I do still enjoy reading the blogs of people I know or are close with. Apologies all round, I do try my best to drop by whenever I get some free time. You girls totally make the effort worthwhile. :)

Just in case I don't get back in time for another post before Christmas day itself.



I never thought I'd feel this way but Butterfly is starting to bore me to tears and I'm only at the hips. Before I started Butterfly, I was bit hestitant cause reading the forums, they've encountered problems with the pattern. I'm just glad that Kiri was my first lace project. I learnt a lot from it. Butterfly is actually quite a simple lace stitch. Only 2 lines of 6 sts to remember. It's fast, but because it is a dress, it's still very slow going. Worst is I can't watch TV while doing this to ease the boredom. If I ever get to the finishing line, I'll be very glad to finish it.

Bangle Bag

My bangle bag was done quite some time ago, but I didn't get around to finishing it. Now finally the lining is completed. I think I could possible try a side pocket next time. These 2 pics are all I got. The rest of the pictures were so blur they gave me a headache just looking at them. This is the same color lining I'm using for the bamboo cluth. Though, I have a feelin I might redo the bamboo clutch to sort out some pattern problems.


joy said...

I hope you keep your blog! Just post whenever you feel like it. :)
Butterfly is looking good. Would you consider shortening it?

Ruth said...

oooh, butterfly is pretty!! and your bag is looking really cute! i agree about keeping your blog - how else can i keep in touch with you? just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas!

erin said...

Butterfly is looking good, but I understand what you mean about the boring part. Thanks for showing the inside of the bag. It helps me to see what should be done with the lining. I also know what you mean about bloglines. In an earlier fit, I deleted all my subscriptions. Now I have resumed bloglines subscription but it's less than 50. That makes it more manageable for me. And when I have time, I surf the other blogs. Have a happy, relaxed and blessed Christmas, Laura.

michelle said...

Just dropping by to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Siow Chin said...

Same thought as Joy here, I definitely would love to read your posts. As for Bloglines, don't make it a chore, otherwise it would no longer be enjoyable.

Agnes said...

Just mark everything as read when you are feeling too overwhelmed ... I don't blame you ... I felt like that too sometimes. I think we all understand. It's not a job ...
Your bag is so cute ... having lining is definitely important.

meowgirl said...

your bangle bag lining looks really good--so skillfully finished.

i get overwhelmed by blogs too. don't push yourself; it should be fun. no pressure.

looking forward to seeing your blouse and jacket!

Mimi said...

Great job on your bangle bag. The lining is so well done that at first glance i thought it was a two way bag.:)
As for the pressure about blogging, I feel it too. So we all should take it easier. I just hope you continue to post as I enjoy to read them!

Mrs.Curvy said...

Butterfly is beautiful! Your bangle bag is a pretty color too. You sure did a great job on the lining with it. It looks great! I can understand how you feel with bloglines. I bet you noticed that I blog less now then before. It was getting to me and stressing me out, because I have alot of other things I do besides blogging. So I decided to post further apart, not to stress myself out so much. Hope you continue to blog ;-) I love reading your post! Thanks for stopping by!

FaeryCrafty said...

Merry Christmas!!!

letti said...

oo..the bangle bag is cute! MErry Christmas!