Saturday, November 26, 2005


Tagged by MiMi and Kitty Kitty and also Meowgirl(if she had gotten to me first :))

1.What is your all-time favourite yarn to knit with ?
All time favourite? Hmm, I don’t really have one yet. I like to experience different yarns. Though if I have to choose, Rowan 4 ply and Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud comes to mind.

2. Your favourite needles ?
None at the moment actually. It depends on what I’m knitting. I have a preference for circs, pointy points and the kinda of nylon string that doesn't twist so much like the Addis.

3. The worst thing you ever knit
That have to be my very first project. Eons ago, while I was still a teen I saw this off shoulder sweater on a TV show that I just had to have. I got the stuff in KL. The Malaysian knitters will find this very familiar. The shop suggested doubling the yarn. Yup, their favorite con. They didn’t follow any pattern either. Let’s just say the pattern wasn’t even like what I described to them. I chucked it aside when I reached the collar. It weighed a ton because of the doubling of yarn, was way too warm for weather here and I knew I’d never wear it. I dug it out 6 years down the road, completed it and gave it to my aunt who lives in a colder climate.

4. Your favourite pattern
Don’t have one, but I have many favourite patterns LOL. Right now I’m into ruffles and lace. Current favourites are Butterfly and AV Ruffled Cardigan.

5. Most valuable knitting technique
A few actually. Knitting in the round, (I hate seaming, I’m terrible at it.) Short rowing as my Lelah attested. And continental knitting.

6. Best knit book or magazine
I haven’t found a best. I’ve found many good ones.

7. Your favourite knit-along
Currently, it has to be Butterfly a long :)

8. Your favourite knit blogs
Well, I wouldn’t be reading if I didn’t like them now would I?

9. My favourite knitwear designer
I draw inspiration from things that catches my eye. So, I don’t really have a favourite designer yet. No designer has been ‘calling’ my name.

10. The knit item you wear the most.
Orangina. It’s the only piece that can work and play at the same time.


Mimi said...

Thanks for sharing your knitting preferences. BTW, I am into ruffles too and love to knit lace design.

Kitty Kitty said...

Thank you so much for answering our tag. :) I can not wait to see your finished Butterfly. :)

meowgirl said...

it was actually my knitbuddies co-blogger, Kitty Kitty, who tagged you; she beat me to it. :)

i'm with you. alpaca cloud and circular knitting! hope your schedule has calmed a bit and you are getting in good crafting time.

Mrs.Curvy said...

I love circular knitting also. Finished my sons striped tank top and I sure did not enjoy seaming it up. Thanks so much for your words of kindness and stopping by my blog. I feel alot better now.

letti said...

ooo..speaking of alpaca...i just got an alpaca poncho and it's so soft, i love it!