Friday, May 18, 2007

Life @ warp speed

Hi gals,

I don't know how to say this so I'll keep it simple. I'm engaged! I'm engaged! And I've been engaged to one very sweet fella for a couple of weeks now! And life suddenly insist on rushing along at warp speed.

For one, there seem to be a million things that needs to be done, traditions to be followed and arrangements to be made. Our registration is happening in 2 weeks and a small family gathering 1 month after. It has barely sunk in and I'm about to blur out.

Two, work picked up and I was sent outstation without internet access. How does anyone do that? I almost died of withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully, it won't happen anytime soon again. With so many things pending, it'll throw everything out wide.

I'm trying to catch up with everyones blog and it's not that I don't wanna drop by and say hi, but I am swamped as it is. Looks like I'll be missing in action for a while until everything's settled. :) Till then, take care y'all ya hear!